Pet Cremations

Are you interested in arranging pet cremation services for a beloved cat, dog, or other animal? Have you been looking for a pet cremations company that also sells unique pet urns in Van Alstyne, TX? Heavenly Pet Cremations can give you and your family the support you need during what is probably one of the most difficult times of your life. You can count on our empathetic staff members to provide you with valuable support services. We can also help you receive beautiful paw prints that you can keep in memory of an animal friend that has crossed over to the other side.

Having a small memorial service after pet cremations can be a great way to help people process the death of their pets. Young pet owners may have difficulty understanding that their pets have died. Having a memorial service in remembrance of their pets can be a great idea. If you live or work in Van Alstyne, TX or the surrounding areas, we can assist you with arranging cremation services.

We offer urns that you can choose from to store your animal’s ashes. More than one urn can be purchased if several family members would like to be close to a pet’s ashes. You should decide to work with our friendly and empathetic personnel. You can count on receiving lots of support from people who understand what you’re going through. We’re animal lovers and we know how much of a loss you can feel after your pet passes away. Sometimes it can be hard to find people who truly understand how close you were to your animal friend. To help you through the grief process, we offer products that you can keep as reminders of your pet. Our products and services are affordable. We want to make our services available to as many people as possible. Please contact our knowledgeable staff members to inquire about our cremation services for animals.