Heavenly Hooves Removal & Burial Services


Heavenly Hooves was established in 2023. We are the sister company to Heavenly Pet Cremations. Our services are to provide clients and customers a alternative service for their large livestock / pets. All too often we say goodbye to these animals who have devoted sometimes generations of love and companionship. We believe they deserve a burial with dignity and respect just as any other. Livestock owners for years have said goodbye only with a small token of cutting of the mane and or tail of these loved pets. We want to change that We offer a burial with as gentleness, love and respect. These large animals in some cases have carried us through many a trail or met us with a Whinny or Moo. We want them to be remembered for years to come with a token of love from Heavenly Hooves. With this being said, Heavenly Hooves was created.  We provide livestock removal, burial and a large selection of Horse (Livestock-cattle tail hair) jewelry, keychains and custom wooden plaques with the pets name and a  memorial epitaph.

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